At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand human behavior and its application in patient care.
  • Understand the concept of motivation, its impact on human behavior and illness related behavior.
  • Understand different types of emotions and their impact on health of the individual.
  • Define learning; comprehend different types of learning and conditioning. State methods of effective learning and demonstrate application of learning in treatment.
  • Understand different cognitive processes, comprehend memory process, and describe short term memory and differentiate with long term memory. List causes of forgetting, and illustrate methods of improving memory.
  • Comprehend concept of thinking and its application to health care.
  • Understand nature of intelligence, explain growth of intelligence, compare role of heredity and environment in intellectual development. Method of assessment of intelligence.
  • Define personality, list determinants of personality, understand different theories of personality and learn methods of personality assessment


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