Defining your careers as a physician is an act only you can perform – and the innovative and supportive community at AIMSR may be the best place to make that choice .Education sifts from being teacher- directed to students- directed, encouraging graduates to develop strong lifelong learning habits.

The exponential increase in scientific knowledge translates to increased opportunities to prevent diseases and develop new therapies. It also means that medical students not only build a strong understanding of medical knowledge as it stands today’s, but also a firm foundation for lifelong learning.

We aim to develop and direct our student’s skill and passion so they can becomes outstanding clinicians who improve the health of the world’s people through research, innovation, clinical practice and leadership. We enable each student to explore his/her potential as a student, scholar and clinician

The AIMSR has innovated & designed a curriculum (within the framework and guidelines of the MCI) which fully integrates primary education in the basic sciences and increase the time students spend investigating important areas such as epidemiology and ethics, social biological variation of culture, health care system in addition to a social foundation in basic health science knowledge and clinical skills. Also included in the program are leadership skills, professional developments, research and emphasis on medical ethics.

The college is at the forefront in the use of specialized educational methods required for effective training including simulations. Simulated environments and scenarios are created that enable students to gain experience and skills before they encounter real patients.

The students at AIMSR are exposed early to team approach. Our aim is to graduate students with attributes of professionalism, effective communication, amicable interpersonal skills, patient safety and team building.

The curriculum integrates basic science and clinical experience with in- depth study and encourages independent research throughout their years in medical college.


  • Streamlined content and optimized course structure
  • Melding of basic science and clinical concepts throughout the curriculum

Individual opportunities:

  • Blocks of time for individual or group study and encouraging areas of research interest.
  • Paper Presentations by students in all subjects.
  • Paper presentations / projects by students in their areas of interest
  • Encourages students to get grants and work on projects from premier institutes etc.
  • Broad clinical science education with early exposure to patient care and practice of medicine, knowledge based, case centric clinical.
  • Broader emphasis on doctor- patient communication, ethics and the practice of medicine.


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